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Dressage clinic - Bonn

End of february 2015
Dressage clinic - Schwerte

February 2015
Dressage clinic - Los Angeles, USA

April 2014
Clinic in Los Angeles, USA

Dressage clinic in Stockholm, Sweden

Clinic especially for trainers and judges
Organized by the the Swedish Riders Federation

Dressage clinic on GUT HOHENKAMP, Dorsten

- preparation for tournaments
- riding of certain dressage tests under real conditions

Organized by:

Gut Hohenkamp
Hohenkamp 75
46284 Dorsten
Sabine Haag Molkenteller +49 160 96898960

Dressage clinic at Hof Norwegen

Conference for trainers and judges Hof Norwegen / Markus Waterhues


March / April 2013
Clinic in Los Angeles, USA

November 2012
Clinic in Los Angeles and San Diego, USA

September / Ocober 2012

In cooperation with the Reiter Revue and the professional riders Johanna Klippert, Marc-Patrick Fritz and other amateur riders we produced a series of educational videos at the equestrian center of the riding club St. Mauritz near Münster. A first article and the video of the first part of the series ("training of young horses - prime example") published in the November edition of the "ReiterRevue".

Here's the trailer for the November edition (sorry, only available in German...):

"Day of teaching"
Horse riding farm  Gilles in Leverkusen

Here is the link of the DRFV: Link

Bookings: DRFV (PDF)

Published in ST. GEORG - September 2012:

Breeding forum in Balge - Frieling
- Recognize and understand potential - riding horse assessement with specialists
Bookings: Please follow the link: LINK

Clinic in Los Angeles, USA

Day of professional riding in Hamburg (Hamburger Riding Association e.V.) - Conference
- Meaning and assessement of the swining horse back
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Professional riding day Westfalia in Münster ("Westfälische Reit- und Fahrschule")
- Examples of different teaching regarding dressage training
- Practical examples of riding the new dressage tests and notes regarding the assessement
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