Clinics with Ralf Isselhorst

Ralf Isselhorst does a lot of different training and clinic events in Germany as well as abroad in USA, Canada, Korea and Australia.


The clinics are filled with in-depth knowledge based on the principles of classical horsemenship. Most important during all clinics with Ralf is the fun of riding and the fair treatment of the horses. This is of highest priority.
Ralf's clinics are also influenced by his great experience with Dr. Reiner Klimke.

Particularly, the clinic consists of the tournament preparation under "real" conditions. This means that the riders are recorded. After the training the videos are assessed by Ralf together with the rider. This grants a detailed view on all strengths and weaknesses of the horse and the rider. Detailed instructions are given to improve each lesson. On request, the videos can be taken home by the participants in order to work on the findings.

Ralf's open and straight-forward way to teach technical content as well as his passion to work with horses and riders make his clinics special and unforgettable. 

Just let us know your ideas and wishes and we do the planning for "YOUR" seminar!
Of course, the content can be planned to fulfil your individual needs and aspects. 

Bookings & inquiries:

Inquiries and bookings e.g. for hosting seminars,  are possible at any time: Please call Ralf Isselhorst directly (+49 176-21149351) or send him an email:

Please find some pictures of clinics in the USA here: